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HappySeed Rails

The rails application template and generators are the bulk of the happy_seed gem.

When you first call happy_seed it sets up a new rails project using the application template. There are a number of things that are setup to get things going, as documented in the base document and then you are prompted to see what other generators you want to run.

You should be able to run these generators at any time. Some require the use of others (for example, sign in with twitter requires devise) and they will generally check to make sure that their dependancies are met.

Solid Gems

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Use only what you need.

  • Follows 12 factors
  • Can easily be deployed to heroku with foreman/Procfile
  • bootstrap with clean layout structure
  • haml templates, upgraded rails scaffold templates to work with bootstap
  • metatag setup for SEO
  • devise for user authentication
  • omniauth for oauth support
  • angular installer that fits with the rails asset pipeline
  • active_admin for admin panel

Sensible Defaults

Get it working quickly and start customizing

  • puma configured
  • Basic layout/navbar structure included
  • Devise user models
  • Omniauth Callback Controller
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instrgram integration optionally wired up
  • Site nav structure

More awesome stuff

Why stop there?

Documentation for the current generators are: